VERDI PLANNING works with community and regional banks to understand markets, customer needs and behavior change, network delivery channels and economics as well as technology adoption and placement. By employing a data driven Interdisciplinary approach strategies are produced that impact revenue generation, cost control and efficiency improvements. This approach produces a strong combination of industry trends and drivers, detailed local market analysis and comprehensive knowledge of the network under study.
Delivery Network Optimization
Verdi Planning employs an interdisciplinary, comprehensive approach to assure the optimal allocation of resources and capital across markets, segments, generations, technology and channels. Deliverables include specific actionable steps to improve consumer and small business relationship growth and retention. Optimization analysis reveals the future role of branches and location based channels and establishes the order of priorities - markets, channels, segments, functions and services. The work instills a sustaining, quantitative based, and disciplined planning process that removes guesswork from future decisions and results in market, network and customer based performance measures and metrics.
Enhancing Value with Mobile
Expanding online and mobile, especially for younger and professional demographic segments, will help attract, grow and strengthen these relationships. This work sets the stage for migrating to higher value customer-focused services. We provide insights on the use of mobile to gain market advantage. Some specific areas of consideration are: new mobile product recommendations, increasingly important linkage of mobile, shopping and payments and direction on new technology in the financial services space.
Branch/ATM Expansion Feasibility Study
Location based channels remain valued and important for attracting and retaining customers. Verdi Planning will evaluate and prioritize markets and specific sites under consideration by management for facility and off-premise ATM placement. Detailed market position, financial performance and growth projections are provided.
Differentiation and Intelligent Branch Transformation
A comprehensive analysis of current branches results in opportunities to reduce cost, add pertinent technology and re-emphasize human elements. The results of the work are branch spaces congruent with customer and market needs, preferences and behavioral direction. Deliverables include implementation plans and performance measurements.
Channel Profiling in a Changing Market
Expanding consumer alternatives, such as direct banking, mobile banking, peer to peer banking, social networking, cashless payment options, remote deposit capture and IP remote video communications must be recognized, studied and planned for. Channel profiling includes the production of a portrait of the consumers' households' product ownership, linkage to corresponding small business owners' accounts, balances and outstandings and the use of the institution's delivery network across all channels, cost of servicing customers/members by channel usage, and projected change in transaction volume per channel.
Behavioral Insights Research
Primary research is conducted to understand customers financial channel use with their main institution as well as with all other financial providers. Quantifying channel use, preferences, evolution, valued services, functionality and cost of servicing is fundamental to delivery network planning. It is also important to understand channel use change per generation and segment and against the total customer relationship.
ATM Network Optimization
Maximize the value of an integrated delivery channel network. This comprehensive assessment of your ATM network will deliver the optimal mix of locations, direct channels, specific sites, components, staffing, and technology. The analysis provides complete investment, revenue and expense projections for each scenario.
Acquisition Candidate and Post Acquisition Evaluation
Verdi Planning will identify attractive acquisition candidates based on geographic fit, complementary market coverage, product offerings, market segments served, channel allocation and functionality, and strategic compatibility. In a post- acquisition environment we can examine delivery synergies, optimize the resulting network and examine integrating operations, management and personnel structures.
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Gerald Verdi has over 30 years' experience in retail banking delivery, distribution, strategic planning and industry research. His areas of expertise include delivery network planning, optimization and execution, database development and has worked with hundreds of institutions throughout the world.
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